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How Humbol Works

define goals - interactions

In Humbol you define interaction models (such as one-on-one’s, development discussions, team meetings) that are used in your organisation and set relevant targets. In other words, a leadership framework that works the way you lead. You can use the predefined templates or define your own.

How Humbol works assistant

Based on your targets the Humbol algorithm suggests what you should do next as a leader.

How Humbol works create interaction

Humbol suggests or the participant chooses the type of discussion, relevant participants and timing.

How Humbol works automation

The Humbol automation engine does necessary calendar reservations, creates an agenda and invites the participants to prepare for the discussion.

How Humbol works preparation ready

The participants prepare in advance according to the agenda and can add comments and topics that are important to them. This way you can ensure that the discussion is inclusive and meaningful.

How Humbo works interaction

A guided preparation ensures a high quality interaction. During the discussion, necessary notes are added alongside upcoming actions with timelines and owners.

How Humbol works preparation ready

Humbol gathers post-interaction feedback and suggested improvements from the participants to understand, how valuable the meeting was for them.

How Humbol works interaction ready

The discussion is complete. All notes, agreed actions and gathered feedback is saved and reporting has been updated. It is time for the next discussion.

Humbol Philosophy


People centricity

Your people are at the center of Humbol and everything is built around them. We believe that by understanding people better we are better capable of developing employee experience and our organizations as a whole. 


Action oriented

Doing is the thing. When we regularly meet with our teams and individuals we have better possibilities to understand, learn and get things done. This also increases proactivity and we identify issues before they develop into problems. Experience is built by doing. 


Every interaction gives an opportunity

Digital tools help us in doing a better job, but they will never replace empathy. Remember that every interaction is a possibility to influence people and their lives.