Hybrid work and remote leadership

Humbol benefits


A clear structure for leadership

Humbol programs ensure that your team members are led equally and that regular discussions include topics that are focused on the individual employee.



Proactive leadership

Regular discussions increase proactivity and ensure that team members get the support they need, regardless of location.



Documentation and follow-up on actions

You can easily register agreed actions to ensure progression and continuous development.


Important features

How Humbo works interaction

A clear structure for remote and hybrid work

Voit käyttää Humbolin valmiita keskustelupohjia tai luoda omia pohjia eri tarkoituksiin. Ohjelmat puolestaan auttavat sinua asettamaan tavoitteita ja luomaan erilaisia keskusteluja jatkuvuuden varmistamiseksi.

How Humbol works automation

Efficient automation

Humbol automates the sending of calendar invitations, discussion preparation and gathering of feedback from your discussions. This way, you’re left with more time for better leadership.

How Humbol works assistant

Humbol Assistant

The smart virtual assistant reminds you to do the right things at the right time. It also assists in keeping up to date on upcoming events and always being prepared.