Team leader support

Humbol benefits


Proactive support

Regular and systematic interactions with your team leaders ensure they get all the necessary support, and that issues can be resolved before they become problems.


Documentation and following up on actions

You can easily register agreed actions to ensure progression and continuous development.



Everything at your fingertips

All notes, agreed actions and historic data are easily accessible in one place to ensure continuity and transparency without compromising on privacy.

Important features

How Humbo works interaction

A clear structure and toolkit to support your team leaders

Templates and built-in programs help you create a clear structure to support your team leaders in everything from on-boarding to offering continuous support.

How Humbol works create interaction

Efficient task management

Agreed actions along with timelines and owners are listed in the Humbol task management solution to ensure rapid progression and transparency.

How Humbol works assistant

Humbol Assistant

The smart virtual assistant reminds you to do the right things at the right time. It also assists in keeping up to date on upcoming events and always being prepared.