Employee experience is a sum of interactions

Humbol is a solution for planning, carrying out and following-up on discussions with your team and team members. In a changing work environment, the importance of regular discussions is further emphasized. Here’s how Humbol is used:

Individual and competence leadership

Humbol brings systematicity to leadership and employee experience development. For example, Humbol helps you have more valuable one-on-one and development discussions and ensures that agreed actions are taken to develop your employee experience.

Team leadership

Humbol helps you stay on top of things with your team and ensures that team meetings are both productive and rewarding. By collecting valuable input Humbol ensures that the most important topics from a team member and organization perspective are addressed.

Humbol in a nutshell

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A platform that works the way you lead

In Humbol you define the discussions types and leadership routines specific to your teams and your organization. In other words, a leadership model that works the way you lead. This way you can ensure that your leaders have the right tools for the right moment.


More time for better leadership

Humbol automates discussion preparation, feedback and helps you have discussions that are more valuable. Automation and transparency creates systematicity and proactivity and leaves more time for what is important.


Understand the big picture and impact – in real-time

The real-time reporting in Humbol gives you a complete overview on the leadership status and identifies gaps to help you prioritize your efforts and support where it is needed.

Who is Humbol for?

A new dimension to understanding your organization

Humbol gives you an overview of this month’s 1:1 discussions, agreed actions and their progression. This means you can be more proactive, and focus on the most important issues right now.

Set a benchmark for your leadership practices

You can set goals for your leadership practices and monitor results. Ensure everyone has the right to good leadership and continuously measure leadership impact while increasing agility.

More time for better leadership

Humbol automates routines allowing you to have more time for better interactions and to help your team. Humbol ensures that you have the right information and details at the right time and gathers valuable feedback to develop you as a leader.

Humbol ensures that you are treated equally and as an individual.

As an individual, you are being developed the best possible employee experience, because everyone has the right for good leadership and a rewarding work life.

Key features

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Create a leadership framework

You can use the existing discussion models and templates in the Humbol platform or create your own. The programs help you to be more systematic and proactive..

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Get valuable insights from past interactions

All historic interactions, notes and activities can be easily accessed through Humbol which adds transparency and continuity without compromising on privacy.

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Let your virtual assistant help you prioritize

Your virtual assistant helps you do the right things at the right time, keep up to date with upcoming events and to be more prepared.

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Keep your promises with scheduled tasks

Keep on track with interaction follow-up activities and timelines. Humbol allows you to distribute activities across your team and individuals.

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Automate routines to drive productivity

Humbol automates routine activities such as preparation and gathering feedback so that you have more time for better interactions.

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See the big picture with real-time reporting

Our real-time reporting engine helps you see the big picture, identify gaps and understand the leadership impact in your organization.