How we help


Managers spend up to 90% less time scheduling conversations and get more time for meaningful conversations. They have better insight of how they can serve their team members individually and help them succeed.


HR can quickly and easily create organizational models and structures for the foundations of a shared leadership culture. You get better data with which you can monitor that the agreed structures and actions are implemented in everyday life and how the employee experience develops in real time.

Team members

Team members will be better seen and heard as individuals. Humbol brings unity and uniformity and ensures that all people in the organization receive the leadership they deserve.

What users say

Maria Vihtkari

Chief Human Resource Officer


”Both our team members and managers have welcomed Humbol and our experience with the solution has been very positive. With Humbol we have had the possibility to create a clear structure to our recurring discussions and following up on discussions and related actions is both intuitive and effortless. This creates transparency and ensures that everyone remembers what has been agreed. Humbol also helped us to renew our discussion processes, rethink what is important, and gave us better understanding what value these discussions should give to both our people and our business”

Sami Siikala


Sevas Kodit

”Humbols brilliant system fast created a culture of regular discussions between the team manager and member. The easy user interface guides participants easily to discuss the most important topic: how is it going for the team member. As CEO, I get an regular and up-to-date overview on the personnel’s well-being.”

Angelika Lyckare



”Humbol has given me structure in my everyday life as a team manager and it is incredibly easy to follow the development of well-being in the team and individually. As a bonus, Humbol automates booking of discussions and enables me to follow-up on agreed actions. A handy and user-friendly tool where you get a good overview of the team.”