What users say

Maria Vihtkari

Chief Human Resource Officer


“In the first two years, we conducted nearly 5000 systematic employee discussions with the help of Humbol. Through these discussions, over 1500 action points were generated, of which 80% have been completed. During the same period, employees’ own experience of their performance increased by 20%. With Humbol, we can ensure that leadership work is active and systematic, and that it has a tangible impact on employee experience and productivity.”

Veera Salpalahti

Chief People & Culture Officer


“In the first few months alone, over 500 one-on-one discussions were booked through Humbol, resulting in more than 150 identified action points. For our HR team, it provides excellent transparency and data on how we are doing in different units and how trends are changing monthly. With the help of Humbol, we have succeeded in renewing and streamlining our conversation and feedback culture. Humbol is not just a tool; it is a true partner on the journey to more meaningful conversations.”

Joonas Rustholkarhu

HR Manager

Nordic Green Energy

“It was important for us to find a user-friendly platform around which we could build a functional concept for discussions, employee assessments, and tracking goals. With Humbol, in addition to creating a clear process, we can also ensure that it is implemented and doesn’t remain just a beautiful plan. Our systematic investment in employee experience has been reflected very well in both employee metrics and workplace surveys, as well as in work productivity.”