What users say

Maria Vihtkari

Chief Human Resource Officer


”Both our team members and managers have welcomed Humbol and our experience with the solution has been very positive. With Humbol we have had the possibility to create a clear structure to our recurring discussions and following up on discussions and related actions is both intuitive and effortless. This creates transparency and ensures that everyone remembers what has been agreed. Humbol also helped us to renew our discussion processes, rethink what is important, and gave us better understanding what value these discussions should give to both our people and our business”

Sami Siikala


Sevas Kodit

”Humbols brilliant system fast created a culture of regular discussions between the team manager and member. The easy user interface guides participants easily to discuss the most important topic: how is it going for the team member. As CEO, I get an regular and up-to-date overview on the personnel’s well-being.”

Pauliina Heiskanen



”At Varma, we want to enable the experts to receive feedback from colleagues and partners and to have meaningful conversations about the feedback with the team managers. We especially want to make it easy to both ask and receive colleague feedback to support one’s own development. To promote this, we started cooperation with Humbol in the fall of 2022. According to our experience, Humbol is easy to use and has activated our feedback culture.”

Minna Kekkonen

Service Lead, Consulting


“Humbol has brought regularity, fairness, transparency and uniformity to our discussions with the personnel at Fluido. I no longer have to keep personal conversations in separate documents, since I have all in Humbol: conversations, agreed tasks and trends. Through Humbol, if necessary, I can escalate issues from the conversations I have had, for example, to my team manager, so that we can all follow the status and progress of the matter at different levels. If necessary, I also get a friendly reminder about open matters. I also use Humbol to monitor the general pulse and status of the team, so I have a good general idea of what is happening in the organization and what is going on in the different teams.”

Jari Hakulinen

Account Management & Sales


”The cooperation with Humbol has been just as smooth as we imagined it would be based on the discussions, we had with them when choosing the tool. In addition to the tool, we have also received excellent help from the Humbol team in the form of sparring.”

Jarkko Hansen

Head of product management


”Until now, most of the manager’s tools have been such that they need to be served. This is one of the first tools that does work on my behalf.”

Lauri Iso-Markku

Commercial director


“When we set out to design a new structure for one-to-one discussions, we had two goals: to make the discussions more employee-oriented and ones that lead to more activity and systematicity. Both have been successful.”

Mia Storm

Sales Director


”Certum has experience with many kinds of software, but Humbol surprised me with its simplicity. With the help of Humbol, we have been able to create a more conversational company culture and shared ways of working between different teams. It’s also smart from the management’s point of view when we can easily see from Humbol how our employee experience is developing.”

Tino Välimäki

Chief People & Culture Officer


“For a long time, we searched for a suitable solution to support Lyyti’s strong 1on1 culture. It was crucial for us to find a solution that would not only facilitate one-on-one discussions between managers and team members but also support Lyyti’s growth and salary discussions. An essential requirement for us was also to find a solution that would make it easy to gather peer feedback throughout the organization. Humbol was able to meet all our important requirements, and the implementation has been seamless. Humbol’s user-friendly interface has received praise from the staff, and the support has always been prompt when needed. Humbol enhances Lyyti’s feedback culture and helps us create meaningful interactions daily.”

Jarl Matti Anttila

Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Co-founder


”Humbols solution is groundbreaking in its field. It provides the organisation an innovative platform for organising 1:1 interactions, that helps to release individual peoples potential at its full glory.”

Niina Lantto

Human Resources Manager


”Humbol has brought us more systematic and a common structure for our one-on-one discussions. The discussion structure, which we together with the personnel designed, works well, and guides the participants to prepare for the discussion. Notes and actions are saved transparently and can easily be reviewed. With the help of Humbol, we can also measure the meaningfulness of the discussions which have been on a high level.”

Jan-Anders Broo

Development Manager


”Before Humbol, we already had a working structure for our “Me-time” discussions, but the information was not shared between the manager and team member. With Humbol we have achieved more transparency and better communication. It is bold (*bold) of the Humbol team to engage us customers into the product development and let us take part in developing the product experience both for ourselves and other users. Ideas have humbly (*humble) been taken in consideration and have been fulfilled. I can strongly recommend Humbol as a communication platform and partner.”

*The Humbol name comes from the words “humble” and “bold”.

Pihla Knaapila

People & Culture Manager

Dottir Attorneys

”Open and honest discussion has always been at the center of our culture, but with the help of Humbol, we have been able to get the much-needed structure for discussions between team managers and members. The ease of use of Humbol is definitely one of its biggest advantages, and the Humbol team has admirably listened to all feedback and suggestions for improvement from our staff and implemented changes to the service based on them. The designing of discussion structures together to meet our needs at the beginning of the project was a great thing. In general, it is always a pleasure to do business with the Humbol team.”

Hanna Koistinen


Tampere Adult Education Centre

“With the help of Humbol, the discussion culture is more united than before. Booking and preparing for the development discussion is made “mandatory”, but easy. Humbol brings unity and structure to the discussions.”

Miikka Wathén

Traffic manager


“Humbol is a great tool for discussion. It significantly reduces the manual work of the manager, when the conversations can be conveniently found in one place and it is easy to return to them.”

Joonas Rustholkarhu

HR Manager

Nordic Green Energy

“Humbol was really easy and quick to take in use. The feedback from the managers has been positive and Humbol has brought clear aids to their everyday life. Through continuous discussions, it has been possible to influence the employee experience more proactively. Now we have a clear structure that makes it easy to include new people when they start with us.”