antti turunen, jyri kytömäki & andy lundström

Our Story

A million more meaningful interactions

Today, all companies are fighting to get employees, but how many are fighting to keep them? The media is full of headlines about how difficult it is to find new talents. Much less is talked about the importance of engaging with current employees and getting them to stay and give their best. In our opinion, “people engagement” is one of the most important topics of the management team. And specifically, the management team, because this is not something that can be solely on HR’s shoulders. People’s engagement is, above all, something that is affected by good leadership.

A company of 100 people has 100 different experiences. The team manager in charge affects up to 70% of this experience. The key way to influence the experience is through continuous, individual interaction. In our opinion, good leadership is not rocket science. It’s a lot about doing simple things well and regularly. For us, this means that:

  • We have meaningful conversations with every team member on a regular basis.
  • We create goals and plans together, which helps team members to see the big picture better and how their contribution affects the whole.
  • We make sure that the team member has enough opportunities to receive feedback from their manager, colleagues, and customers.

If these things were implemented well in as many companies as possible, we would have significantly fewer challenges in working life. There would be less burnout and the degree of engagement would be significantly higher.

That’s why we created Humbol.

Humbol was founded by Andy Lundström, Antti Turunen and Jyri Kytömäki in Vaasa in March 2021. The name Humbol comes from the words “Humble” and “Bold”. We believe that reaching our goals requires both humbleness and boldness. Our first goal is that with the help of our tool, there have been 1 million more meaningful conversations between team members and managers. We hope our story resonates with you and you want to join us on our journey, either as a customer, a member of the work community or a follower.

The Humbol team