Leadership analytics and insights

Humbol benefits


A new dimension to understanding your teams and individuals

For example, Humbol offers a real-time overview and valuable insights on this month’s one-on-one discussions, progress made on tasks and discussion feedback for each team.



Better prioritization

The real-time insights allow for better prioritization of tasks, letting you focus your energy on what’s most important right now.



Leading your leaders

Set agreed targets for your leadership practices and ensure adequate follow-up and support for your team leads.


Important features

define goals - interactions

Real-time reporting

Humbol offers real-time insights into the status of your leadership practices and impact. The reports help you be more proactive and funnel your energy into where it’s most needed.

How Humbo works interaction

Dynamic templates and programs

The discussion templates help you create a clear structure for meetings. Humbol programs help you create define targets and a regular meeting flow to ensure continuity.

How Humbol works assistant

Humbol assistant

The smart virtual assistant reminds you to do the right things at the right time. It also assists in keeping up to date on upcoming events and always being prepared.