Humbol helps organizations to create and implement a shared leadership culture where meaningful discussions, clear goals and systematic feedback are at the center.

What Humbol can do for you

More time for better leadership

Humbol helps you save time and lead more efficiently and more effectively. You will always be prepared for team member discussions and better able to help each individual thrive and give their best.

Humbol makes it simple to set goals for the company, teams and individuals, and to discuss them regularly. In short, Humbol provides a continuous overview of how the employee experience and your business are developing.

A quick and easy solution

In Humbol, you can easily create templates for team managers and members, for one-on-one discussions, performance appraisals, and other feedback.  These provide a ready-made toolkit to help create a consistent culture of openness and discussion throughout the organization.

Humbol simply makes life easier for managers – it’s straightforward and quick to set up and use, and integrates with your existing Microsoft or Google programs without any need for major IT work.

Humbol gives you valuable and real-time data about the employee experience that helps you manage more proactively and focus on the things that matter most.


Humbol helps you have better conversations with your team manager so that you get the support you need. Humbol also helps in obtaining feedback from your colleagues or customers to review with your team manager in discussions.


Our experience with the solution has been very positive. With Humbol we have had the possibility to create a clear structure to our recurring discussions.

Maria Vihtkari, Valamis Group Oy.