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LocalTapiola leadership culture stems from benevolence

LocalTapiola starts cooperation with Humbol

LocalTapiola, a leading insurance and financial services institution in Finland, is aware that a healthy corporate culture helps a company to thrive. Based on research, companies with a positive and encouraging culture experience significant business gains both in terms of growth and profitability. At the core of the LocalTapiola company culture is benevolence, which is reflected both in their customer relationships and leadership.

Regular interactions with team members create a framework for the day-to-day leadership practices and form a structure that supports good leadership. The ‘Workhour’ discussions, conducted monthly in LocalTapiola, are a concrete example of this. In a rapidly changing working life, the Workhour discussions create an important moment to focus on wellbeing at work and competence development.

Taking care of employee wellbeing and work satisfaction has been one of the cornerstones of LocalTapiola’s success. We believe our cooperation with Humbol, and their application will make our Workhour discussions more systematic, equal, and proactive. It also helps us to ensure that our important values are reflected in our leadership practices,” says Pasi Haarala, managing director of LocalTapiola Ostrobothnia

As a part of the cooperation, a new model is created for the Workhour discussions together with LocalTapiola’s leadership and personnel. In addition, LocalTapiola gets access to the Humbol application that proactively supports LocalTapiola team leaders. The application works as an integrated part of the LocalTapiola Microsoft Office 365 environment and guides the discussion process from preparation to post-discussion feedback. From completed discussions, LocalTapiola leadership gets valuable data on work wellbeing and leadership impact.

Based on research, the most influential factor in employee experience is our relationship with our leader. Humbol aims to influence the operative day-to-day leadership practices, concentrating on better discussions with team members and receiving regular feedback. We want to help in creating workplaces where employee experience becomes a significant competitive advantage,” says Humbol Inc CEO and co-founder Antti Turunen.

LocalTapiola Group in a mutual group of companies owned by its customers. It serves private customers, farmers, entrepreneurs, corporate customers and organisations. LocalTapiola’s products and services cover non-life, life and pension insurance, as well as investment and saving services. We are also professionals in corporate risk management and welfare in the workplace. More information on LocalTapiola: https://www.lahitapiola.fi/

Work has become more self-organized and at least partially virtual, requiring leaders to adjust their way of working and acquire new skills in order to develop their working communities. In a more complex world, empathy and the ability to listen are sought after attributes in leadership. Over time, we will experience a shift where the role of leaders is to service the organization and enable other people’s success. Humbol is a software-as-a-service platform for systematic employee experience development that helps leaders, teams and individuals collect feedback and have more meaningful conversations. More information on Humbol: https://www.humbol.app/