3 basic things great team leaders get right

As a team leader, I occasionally wonder whether I’m doing enough – if I’m a good enough leader for my team members. Team leadership can be difficult, which is why these doubts come to mind.

However, one should be realistic about how much one can handle. After all, we’re only human. Perfection is not an option. Today I spoke with one of our customers about the obvious enough fact that their best team leads can’t work miracles. They can create a fantastic employee experience with a few basic strategies, ones that also come to light in the annual employee survey.

This is a good reminder for everyone: creating a positive workplace atmosphere and employee experience does not require massive investments or tremendous effort. Getting the basic things right is often enough, it is the day-to-day things that make the most difference. In their organization, the best team leaders share the following characteristics and practice the same routines:

  1. They are available. They have created an environment where they are available to provide support when needed.
  2. They conduct regular, well-planned one-on-one discussions with their team members.
  3. They have created working structures for discussion of targets and performance appraisals, and they stick to these.

In my experience, such a well-defined and clear structure creates an atmosphere of trust for the team leader and team members alike. When constructive things are done regularly, we create moments of reflection and enable continuous improvement. When these discussions are repeated over time, they also engender trust, making it easier to address even the most difficult issues.

At Humbol, we want to help organizations create a company culture that is based on proactive and systematic leadership. If you are interested in learning more about the issues discussed in this article, schedule an online meeting and we can discuss your company’s needs!