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At Valamis everyone has the right to great leadership

Humbol to help Valamis to create personalized employee journeys

Valamis Group Oy, the global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development, has enlisted Humbol to help develop its employee experience and leadership practices. At the core of the cooperation is establishing a leadership framework that ensures an equal but personalized employee journey regardless of location.

A changing work environment requires a new way to lead our teams to achieve the best possible employee experience and business results. A global organization with flexible remote working possibilities needs established and systematic leadership practices to ensure equality. By using Humbol, Valamis aims to bring a proactive approach to leadership that includes regular and meaningful one-on-one discussions at defined intervals with team members.

Both our team members and managers have welcomed Humbol and our experience with the solution has been very positive. With Humbol we have had the possibility to create a clear structure to our recurring discussions and following up on discussions and related actions is both intuitive and effortless. This creates transparency and ensures that everyone remembers what has been agreed. Humbol also gave us the possibility to renew our discussion processes, rethink what is important, and better understand what value these discussions should give to both our people and our business”, says Valamis Chief Human Resource Officer Maria Vihtkari.

The defined discussion processes guide team leaders and individuals to more meaningful conversations and save time by automating manual tasks. Real-time analytics on leadership practices and work wellbeing help Valamis leadership and HR prioritize what is most important.

It has been a great pleasure to work with the professional team at Valamis and to be part of creating a framework that helps Valamis managers develop and maintain the best possible employee experience. Together we have enabled a common framework to ensure that everyone has the right to meaningful discussions regardless if you work in Finland, United States, India, or any other Valamis location”, says Humbol co-founder Andy Lundström.

Valamis is an international technology company specializing in cloud-based digital learning solutions that empower millions of learners, companies, and societies to solve their challenges with transformative learning experiences. Valamis’ end-to-end learning solution includes Valamis’ LXP, LMS, LRS, Content Authoring Studio, eCommerce, and extensive integrations. Valamis creates long-term value for businesses and their people by being a strategic partner in learning while providing technology and consultancy services in design, data science, technology, corporate performance, and digital learning. Founded in 2003, Valamis is headquartered in Finland and maintains offices in countries around the world. Learn more about Valamis at

Work has become more self-organized and at least partially virtual, requiring leaders to adjust their way of working and acquire new skills to develop their working communities. In a more complex world, empathy and the ability to listen are sought-after attributes in leadership. Over time, we will experience a shift where the role of leaders is to serve the organization and enable other people’s success. Humbol is a software-as-a-service platform for systematic employee experience development that helps leaders, teams, and individuals collect feedback and have more meaningful conversations. More information on Humbol: