One-on-one discussions are a cornerstone of the Beamex company culture

Humbol to help Beamex further develop its company culture with regular 1:1s

One-on-one discussions are essential to promoting good company culture and workplace wellbeing. Beamex Oy Ab, a leading calibration technology provider for the process industry, enlisted Humbol to develop the company’s employee experience and a more people-centered company culture. At the core of the project is employee experience development using regular guided one-on-one discussions with team members.

The transformation toward a hybrid workplace and increased self-organization makes work more flexible but requires established structures to maintain a practice of equal, proactive, and coaching leadership. By developing a clear structure and regularity for one-on-one discussions, Humbol will help Beamex make its company culture increasingly inclusive and people-centered.

One of Beamex’s significant competitive advantages is the company’s knowledgeable, motivated and happy personnel. Regular one-on-one discussions are important in developing our unique company culture and in increasing overall wellbeing at work. We believe that the Humbol application can make our leadership practices more people-centric, systematic, and equal – especially in a hybrid work environment,” says Beamex Group HR Director Tina Ademola.

The defined discussion process guides team leaders according to specified targets and saves time by automating manual tasks. Real-time analytics on leadership practices and work wellbeing help Beamex leadership and HR prioritize what is most important.

One of the main challenges in leadership is that we do not have enough meaningful conversations with our team members, and they do not get enough feedback. I am very happy that we could work with the Beamex team members and management to create a suitable model for their regular one-on-one discussion process. Research shows that regular one-on-one discussions can reduce the risk of employee burn-out by up to 84 percent and increase employee engagement by 430 percent,” says Humbol CEO and co-founder Antti Turunen.

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Work has become more self-organized and at least partially virtual, requiring leaders to adjust their way of working and acquire new skills in order to develop their working communities. In a more complex world, empathy and the ability to listen are sought after attributes in leadership. Over time, we will experience a shift where the role of leaders is to service the organization and enable other people’s success. Humbol is a software-as-a-service platform for systematic employee experience development that helps leaders, teams and individuals collect feedback and have more meaningful conversations. More information on Humbol: